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The Science of Energy

Energy is defined as the ability to do work, which means you can transform something from one thing to another.  Every rock, mineral, chair, piece of metal, couch, or any other inanimate object contain characteristic energies because they are vibrating due to their temperature and composition.  Every live entity, plant, animal or human including you, contains hugely more energy because of the trillions of reactions that go on in every one of your 38 trillion cells of your body every day.

It’s harmonizing this innate energy in your body that allows you to transform your life to vibrantly healthy, abundant, and connected to others in meaningfully ways.  The universe is conspiring for you to succeed if you let it.

Einstein discovered through his observation of radioactive decay that all matter is basically energy by his famous equation: E = mc^2.  This is basically saying energy is directly proportional to the mass of the object.  This means every cell in your body not only vibrates with energy it also IS energy.

At about the same time Einstein was making these observations, Dr. H.S. Burr was measuring the energy fields around living tissue.  He found that from the embryonic state on, the size of the field was as large as it would be as an adult and centered about the brain and spinal cord and that disease and illness showed up in the energy field long before it manifested physically.  In other words, you come with an energetic blueprint by the time you are a fertilized egg and stays with you your entire life.  By managing your own energy field using simple techniques, you can remain stress-free, healthy and vibrant for years to come.

The Diamond Method is a fresh view on energy medicine by including the knowledge of filters, functions and quantum physics into healing protocols.   Application of these protocols has  produced over 250 medical miracles this last year.  But even more astonishing than the medical miracles are the personal transformations that include dramatic increases in abundance in not only health, but wealth and relationships.  In other words, massive changes in “love and money”, where incomes have increased by up to factors of six and single men and women have met the loves of their lives.  Bringing all your physical, emotional, and spiritual energy into harmony means your stress levels go way down and you become who you were always meant to be, healthy, happy and abundant.


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